The next Annual
Requiem of the Guild
will take place on
11 November 2017
11.00 a.m.
Church of the Resurrection
119 East 74th Street,
New York, NY

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July 2017: The July number of our Intercession Paper always begins with us looking forward to our Annual Requiem in November, and I hope that those of you who can will make plans to be with us for the next Annual Requiem...  Read More >


January 2017: Under the debt of hospitality, I must thank first of all Father Michael Godderz, SSC, and the wonderful people of All Saints’ Church, Ashmont, in Boston, for being our hosts for the Annual Requiem Mass offered for those who had died since the last such occasion in my own church in...  Read More >


July 2016: I normally begin this letter to you in July to give first notice of our Annual Requiem Mass for the year. I can indeed do so as we shall be meeting on Saturday, 12 November 2016, at All Saints’ Church, Ashmont, in the Dorchester section of Boston  Read More >


January 2016: I normally begin this letter to you in January recording my thanks to our host in November and thanking him for a splendid job in welcoming us (for we always do receive princely welcomes!).  Read More >


July 2015: We shall be gathering this November in my church, the Guild’s National Shrine, the Church of the Resurrection, in New York, on Saturday, 14 November 2015 at 11.00 a.m. We have two alluring treats for you.  Read More >


January 2015: Let me begin first by thanking Father Allan Warren, a member of our Council and the Rector of the Church of the Advent, Boston, who was our host for the Annual Requiem in November.  Read More >


July 2014: In our last number of the Intercession Paper, we were able to report on the Annual Requiem held at the Church of the Resurrection in New York, my own church and the Guild’s National Shrine. A large crowd attended the Mass, heard Father Godderz’s highly edifying sermon and the magnificent large orchestra and Resurrection’s Choir, under the baton of Maestro Enlow. Read More >


January 2014: It is normally my custom to start with fulsome thanks and appreciation to our host rector from the previous November, but since that is I, it would seem a bit odd! Read more >


July 2013: As I am writing this now, it is the second half of May, and spring has finally sprung in New York. As you read it, it will be the middle of summer! Read more >


January 2013: The Gentlemen and Boys of the Choir acquitted themselves beautifully offering Rheinberger’s Requiem, which was a new piece to me, and a welcome discovery. Read more >


July 2012: A priest friend of mine related the story recently to me of a priest’s funeral, a classmate of his from Seminary, who had died unexpectedly and quite young. Read more >


January 2012: We had a very lively and engaging sermon from Father Robert Kerr, Council Member, and Rector of St John’s Church, Westland, Michigan, and our music was the Requiem des Rois de France by Eustache du Caurroy, almost certainly a North American première. Read more >


July 2011: In the July number of the Intercession Paper, we look forward to the Annual Requiem Mass rather than backwards to the last. Read more >


January 2011: I must begin by thanking Father Trent Fraser, SSC, a long-time member of the Council, and his people at St John's Church, Newport, Rhode Island, for their gracious and sumptuous welcome... Read More >


July 2010: I begin by drawing your attention to our plans for the Annual Requiem in November which will take place this year on Saturday, 13 November at 11.00 a.m. at St John’s Church, Newport, Rhode Island.  Read more >


January 2010: I must begin by thanking Father Andrew Sloane for his warm and generous hospitality to The Guild in November for our annual Council Meeting and the annual Requiem. Read More >

July 2009: I begin by reminding you that the annual Requiem and meeting of the Council will take place on Saturday, 14 November at 11.00 a.m. at St Paul’s Church, 2430 K Street N.W., Washington, D. C.... Read More >

January 2009:
I begin the January letter very often by thanking the host for our annual Requiem Mass, but as it would involve thanking myself this year, I think I can dispense with that!... Read More >

July 2008: I must begin by apologising for the last number of the Intercession Paper. Father Lancaster had everything ready, along with two nice new photographs. Alas, the printer made a pig’s breakfast of the thing... Read More >

January 2008: I am writing this on All Saints Day, as we begin the month of the Holy Souls. This particular week, with its concentration on the whole of the Church, is of particular importance to all the members of the Guild... Read More >

July 2006: One of the outcomes of the Council’s last meeting was a desire to renew the connections between the Guild in this country and the Guild in the mother country...Read More >

January 2006: As I write this we have just returned from a wonderful Annual Requiem at St Paul’s Church, K Street, in Washington. Our host, Father Andrew Sloann showed his legendary hospitality...Read More >

January 2005: As I write this, we have just finished our Annual Requiem & Council Meeting, which took place 13 November 2004 at my own Church of the Resurrection in New York... Read More >

July 2004: I wonder how many of you have seen the television programme, Six Feet Under? This programme, which appears Home Box Office cable, is an extraordinary look into the question of death... Read More >

July 2003: Just a few days ago, I attended the funeral mass of The Rt Rev’d Paul Moore Jr., XIII Bishop of my diocese. Read More >

January 2003: I write this as our Annual Requiem has just finished. It was a magnificent occasion, with about 250 people present, with nearly 100 staying for luncheon... Read More >