The next Annual
Requiem of the Guild
will take place on
14 November 2020,
11:00 am at
Church of the Resurrection
119 East 74th St.
New York, NY 10021


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What is the Guild? The Guild of All Souls, founded in England in 1873, is a Prayer Guild within the worldwide

Anglican Communion which seeks to promote the Church's teaching in regard to the Faithful Departed:
• Intercessory prayer for the Dying and for the Repose of the Souls of the Departed.
• To encourage Christian customs at burials, especially the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
• To promote the two great doctrines of the Christian Creed: "The Communion of Saints" and "The Resurrection from the Dead."


The following are particularly commended to the prayers of members:
• The restoration of the use of the Rite of Anointing the Sick, commonly called Holy Unction.
• The restoration of the primitive custom of reserving the Holy Eucharist for the sick and dying.
The Guild publishes and distributes literature pertaining to the objects, life and work of the Guild. The Guild aids struggling congregations in providing vestments for Requiem Mass.

Privileges of Guild Members
• Members are prayed for annually on the anniversary of their death by the members of the Guild, and have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for the benefit of their souls.
• Members may obtain the prayers of the Guild for departed relatives and friends as well as enrolling them as Posthumous Members of the Guild.

Duties of Guild Members
• To say, once a week, the PRAYERS for the Dying and Deceased Members of the Guild by name.
• To assist at a Requiem on All Souls Day, for deceased Members and All Souls.
• To say, monthly if possible, a Litany of the Faithful Departed.
• To support all Devotions for the Faithful Departed in the Parish Church
• Priest members are expected to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, if possible, at least once a year, on behalf of the Guild; and are urged to offer Masses of Requiem, regularly and at the burial of the Dead.
• To arrange that upon their death immediate notice shall be sent to the Secretary.

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